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Meditations with Jasmin MacKinnon
Self Love & Acceptance Meditation
Meditations with Jasmin MacKinnon
Finding Your Center
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Optimal Self Society Membership


The Optimal Self Society was born from a nurturing place that supports human connection, self-awareness and wellness practices you can stick to!

Would you like to be a part of a fun online circle to start your holistic journey?

Do you want to feel supported with your ongoing soul-work?

Are you curious about energy, spirituality, woo-woo and feeling grounded?

Have you been looking to be guided by someone authentic?

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Optimal Self Society Membership!

We've opened the doors for registration until June 5th, 2022
Door will open again in a few months if it's not a fit at this time.

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Empowerment Coach & Soul Awareness Mentoring

Jasmin is an inner-shift generator & inner-wisdom activtor!
She will teach you how to live a life you choose, a life you trust, and a life you love!

Connect with me!
Complimentary 15 minute Exploration Call

*for a limited time

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or even disconnected, then you will find this Mini-Exploration Call very beneficial! 

I will guide you through a clear and intentional process in which you will get a clearer sense of where you could use some support. 

We will explore a few questions to hone in on whats front of mind:

  • Where you might be holding back from having more happiness?

  • Where you might have loose boundaries?

  • Are you feeling stuck or disconnected?

  • Do you feel bad about asking for help? 

  • Do you worry a lot?

  • Do you find you take things too personally?

  • Do you feel unworthy of good things like you don't deserve them?

  • Are you feeling pretty solid but lose confidence in a particular  area of your life?

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Usui Reiki Training & Certification

Reiki Master-Teacher Jasmin has been practicing as a Usui Reiki Pracitioner since 2005 and certifying Usui Reiki students since 2013.

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I would love to hear from you!

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